Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring formal clothing?
Most of the week is casual; however, many finalists choose to dress up for judging. The awards ceremony and awards banquet are designated as “business dress” activities, which usually means a suit or jacket and tie for men and a dress or skirt and blouse or suit for women.

Can I rent a backboard at CWSF 2009?
Yes. Finalists can select in the online registration system that they would like to rent a backboard from Youth Science Canada at a cost of $30 for the week of the CWSF. The $30 fee will be invoiced to the finalist's region either during or immediately after the CWSF.  If you are a finalist please check with your delegate to determine if your region is supporting this option!

What are the dimensions of the rental backboards?
The details on the rental backboards can be found in the documentation section of the online registration system or in this file (pdf).

What will the weather be like in Winnipeg in May?
Average temperatures in May range from 7° to 19°C. Although the daytime can be warm, the evenings can be cool. Rain is always a possibility.

Will there be vegetarian food?
Yes, the caterers are fully prepared for vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and other food needs.

Will there be security for the projects?
Yes, there is 24-hour security provided in the Exhibit Hall.

Are parents able to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair events?
Parents are welcome at the Awards Ceremony (please contact the CWSF 2009 office – or (204) 946-5933 – to reserve seats) and public viewing on Saturday morning. All other events are open to registered participants only.

Will there be buses running between events during the week?
Almost all activities are within walking distance on the University of Manitoba campus. Participants will be bused to any off-campus activities.

Is the site wheelchair-accessible?
Yes the site is fully accessible. However, please indicate any requirements in the Special Needs area during online registration.

Will there be Internet access during the CWSF?
Participants are encouraged to bring their own Ethernet network cable for use in the residences.  Computers with Internet access will be available to participants in the exhibit hall.

Can I choose my roommates in residence?
Yes. Your Regional Registration Coordinator can match you with a roommate of the same gender from your region in the online registration system. Finalists who cannot be grouped with others from their own region may be matched with finalists from other regions in the same residence area as your own group.

Will I be able to call home?
Yes. There are pay phones at the residences and around the campus. Cell phones also work well. Participants are  encouraged to contact home at least twice during the week to let their families know that everything is OK. 

Do I have to register online?
Yes. That is the only way you can register for the CWSF. Please contact your regional delegate for more information.

What if I need a computer for my project display?
Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for any equipment.

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Saturday, May 9

Sunday, May 10
Project Setup
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Banquet

Monday, May 11
U of M Science Day Activities
Manitoba First Nations Evening

Tuesday, May 12
Divisional Judging
“YSC Presents” Night

Wednesday, May 13
Interdisciplinary Judging
Special Awards Judging
Night on the Town

Thursday, May 14
Manitoba Day Tours
Manitoba Hoedown

Friday, May 15
School Tours
Awards Ceremony
Closing Banquet & Dance

Saturday, May 16
Public Viewing
Project Take Down

Sunday, May 17